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1The films of all categories must be realised at least by using 50% filmdrone material. All entered contributions can be set as a competition entry at the official Hompepage of PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL by the festival management. Movies with anticonstitutional, pornographic and violence-glorifying content and content that serve to discriminate against minorities are excluded from the competition.


2The minimum and maximum length of the films depends on the category. In the respective times the closing credits are excluded. Movies that do not have to the requested length, will not presented to the jury and can not be considered.


3Anyone interested can register for the competition until September 30, 2017, 18:00. After completely filling out the online registration form and accepting the conditions of participation, the registration will be confirmed by email. The informations are only for contact and communication between the subscriber and the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL, they are strictly confidential and will not shared with third parties.


4The film uploading must be done latest on September 30, 2017 24:00 done. For uploads there are three options available:

  • Option 1: Upload the film to a Vimeo account and submission of the embed code / VIMEO URL
  • Option 2: Upload the movie to a YouTube account and submission of the embed code / Youtube URL
  • Option 3: Upload the film to a private Video Server and submission of a URL


5All contributions will be published on the festival website. The jury introduce, headed by the festival director Marie Bäumer, a "Jury Selection" on June 15th and 15th October. The organizers of the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVALS received by the participants the permission to use individual clips from the competition entries for a presentation trailer.


6All submitted films can be shown by the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTVAL on TV, on the Internet and at the grand final of the festival. The 12 best filmmakers will be notified after the jury decision for the finals and will receive an invitation to the award ceremony and to the DJI drones Workshop from 25. - 27. November Castelfalfi, Tuscany. The submitter may also release the film in any way after the submission of the film to the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL. The submitter gives the organizer of PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVALS the right, to show the film and / or film content related to the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL in public. The submitter agrees, that the organizers of the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVALS may grant further rights in the context of press coverage. The submitter is entitled for a commercial exploitation of his film, but the organizer of the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right, to publish the movie in social network like Facebook MyVideo, YouTube, Vimeo. The submitter is entitled to distribute the film. he contributor explains further, that he owns all necessary rights for publishing and the utilization of to the film (including the music. The submitter protects the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL in case of the obligation to pay for damages, the cost of litigation, including the costs of appropriate legal defense, incause of his movie.

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